4 back to school magic tricks that you can do!

Hope you enjoy, and have fun with these simple tricks.


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    Hope you enjoyed everyone! Let me know if you want to learn more! 💙

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    Big fan of dan

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    I want to know easy magic tricks

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    Thank's for this tricks! I like magic too,and i trying this trick!🎩🔮

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    I am also making magic videos you are my teacher

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    You are op

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    Best magician

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    Pls can u teach how to fly cards 😁

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    Op dude

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    I just want to say thank you for showing us the magic tricks it is really nice of you to show for the second time also have a happy holiday

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    Enjoyed thank you

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    I am a big fan of you Dan

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    2:11 badfinger

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    Ur insper

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    Yes I want to learn more

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    you israel is palestina

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    awesome vid helps me a lot thank you Dan for sharing your magic!!!!!

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    I love you Dan, my idol😊✌️

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    Why your shirt it's got a big hole???

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    2:11 daniel flips us off

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    Ты так долго раскаживаеш! Тебе дезлайк!

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    Is the shirt torn ?

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    I m big fan of u and ur tricks are amazing and I love bthe way u teach us the magic and u also look so handsome

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    Magic tricks are then just fake eye illusions! Thanks for the reveals!

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    your smile and videos make me smile 😊

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    that was funny 0:07

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    You is amazing

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    Spit the candy out..

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    0:07is so funny

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    2:11 He did the middle finger

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    I saw that too

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    My family did not believe me after the pen stuck to hand magic truck

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    Loads of love from India❤️❤️❤️

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    I like your magic Dan .

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    I did the first trick to my mom and she said stop because she had seen it so many times

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    Ur really good at magic dont know even how do u learn these magic tricks this is called a real magicians magic keep it up dan👍👍✨✨

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    I am the only one who does not speak English

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    Maybe someone notice the intro anywhere

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    If there has subtitle,that will be better

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    we want more tricks with card

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    Lovely tricks

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    2.99 mill 3.00 mill

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    Your explaineing trick isind blowing

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    First time I am seeing him from front

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    it is not a pen it is a marker

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    speak arabic and foreign i There are Arabs

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    I always believe that people who have a talent can do it for their job so I believe in u because your do friendly so fun funny awesome if I knew you I would be your friend

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    Hey how kan you fly kard in air pls kan you say the secret

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