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Here's my latest entertaining video, "House Cleaning Day ft. Sunita," where I'll show you my cleaning routine. Watch how I clean my house during the lockdown.

These days, my daily routine involves room cleaning, dishwashing, floor cleaning, dancing, and arranging things at home.

After cleaning the house, how do I clean myself? How I remove the dirt from my body? First, I use Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash for exfoliation. The goodness of Vitamin C and Turmeric gives me glowing skin. Later, I also use skin tightening Mamaearth's Serum. Watch how to get glowing skin here.

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    Loveku illa Meaninguh Sunita Panrathu Peru House Cleaninguhhh!!! Ok Makkale, Watch this video as well -

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    youtube - ஐ நாசமாக்க வந்து content இல்லாமல்...

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