One Year Alone in Forest of Sweden | Building Log Cabin like our Forefathers

Sometimes we hear a call from nature. When I was 18 years old I ventured out alone with only a backpack full of simple hand tools to actualize my dream. Build my own traditional off grid log cabin by hand from the materials of the Swedish wilderness. Just like our Forefathers did.

I had no previous experience in building, gathering materials or filming. So I started studying myself the old arts and learning from my grandfather and mentor Åke Nilsson. I began to cut down trees and film with my phone, learning as I go. My project started full time once I graduated high school in summer 2019. I filmed everything myself and edited this video so you can follow my journey and hopefully learn as I do.

The tractor is a Ferguson TE20 "Grålle" from 1946, they were wildly used to move timber. In 1950 the first chainsaws came to Sweden but they were too big and heavy to be practical. I didn't want to take down every closest tree. So by using the tractor I could haul a few trees from further away, about 150 meters. I would have loved to use a horse but don't have one. yet..

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Preparing First Logs: ( 0:00 )
Clearing Log Cabin Site: ( 2:10 )
Building Stone Foundation: ( 3:05 )
Splitting Foundation Log: ( 8:05 )
Log Cabin Build Starts (Learning): ( 12:50 )
Starting To Get Faster: ( 21:35 )
Winter Log Cabin: ( 26:27 )
Winter logging: ( 31:10 )
Dragging out Last Logs: ( 39:40 )
Appreciate Nature: ( 46:04 )
Log Cabin Rebirth: ( 56:30 )
How To Build a Log Cabin: ( 1:01:08 )
How To Lift Heavy Logs on Log Cabin: ( 1:14:06 )
Axe Throwing: ( 1:29:38 )
Tall Growth of Log Cabin: ( 1:31:41 )
Windows: ( 1:43:31 )
Special Thanks: ( 1:53:12 )
One Year, Log Cabin Build, Alone, Forests of Sweden, Hand tools, Off Grid, ASMR, Primitive Technology, Viking


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    Thats cheating, how can you have iron tools right from the first spawn you have to get wood and stone to unlock iron tools (or you find a jungle temple)

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    Wow and a house for free well not free because you had to buy the saw and axe and tools but pretty not alot of money to build this but you do have to pay skill

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  • Filip Trk
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    Forefathers were using concrete? Good job anyway.



    ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    I’m… im impressed by your stupidity (or ignorance)… Roman Concrete is lost to history friend, yes our founding fathers (in a time where history has been written down as it happens) had access to manupulatable self hardening rock soup (Concrete)

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    har du köpt mark eller finns det ställen längre upp i sverige där det är tillåtet att bygga i skogen? tänker väl även på allemannsrätten osv. Att inte hugga ner träd i skog grym video, har samma dröm tack för svar!

  • Jongwe Rachembera
    Jongwe Rachembera2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Impressive young man, skills one would think were lost to the youth of today.

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  • Richard Reiter
    Richard Reiter2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Congratulations on the cabin in the Swedish woods that you have built. Best wishes on your next adventure. Thanks for all the tips.

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