Pallet Bluetooth Speaker V3 DIY

ਕਰਨ ਦੇ ਤਰੀਕੇ ਅਤੇ ਸ਼ੈਲੀ

List buy materials:
- 5inch 2ohm 30W Mid Bass Speaker( I recommend 4 speaker):
- 1.5inch 4Ohm 25W Tweeter Speaker:
- 5inch Passive Radatior Speaker( I recommend) :
- Preamplifier OPA2604 Board:
- Potentiometer extension cord: Updating
- 5.0 LDAC Bluetooth Module:
- Mono 200W Class D Amplifier Board:
- Digital volume control board:
- Nylon Plastic stick on PCB:
- 0.85mH Speaker Crossover Inductor:
- 3.3uf Speaker Crossover Capacitor:
- 12uf Speaker Crossover Capacitor:
- Double Pole 2 Way 6 Pin Power Switch:
- 5.5x2.1mm DC Male Jack:
- 3.5mm Audio Aux Female Jack:
- Volume Knob:
- Disposable Syringe:
- Makita Terminal:
- 704 Sillicon Rubber Glue:
- Female Insulated Electrical Crimp Terminal:
- Self Adhesive Stick-on Mounts For Cable Ties:
- B1212S - 2W Power Module:
- 2RCA To 2RCA Audio Cable:
- XT60 Connector Jack:
- T Male Female Connector Jack:
- Speaker Single Face Seal Glue:
- Leather Handled for speaker:
- Rubber Stand Anti Shock For Speaker:
- 36V 3A Power Adapter:
- Creality Cr10 - V2 3D Printer Machine :
* List Tools:
- Multipurpose Belt Clamp:
- Stainless Steel Precision T Ruler:
- Router Circle Cutting Jig:
- Gyokucho 240mm hardwood double-edged saw 651:
- Gyokucho 372 Thin blade back saw 240mm cross-cut hand saw:
- Narex woodworking chisel:
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    Make a monster sound speaker

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    Instead of unscrewing it all at the beginning... he spent the time to cut them all off..

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    Love the video!

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    man some of your builds looks better inside than outside xD

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    Bro, where are you from? This is just an incredible project that required an incredible talent!

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    I would also add wire mesh covers for the speakers to protect them from accidental damage from tools or other objects that might get jammed into them.

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    Just thinking were I can buy the whole made setup.. or you only give some expert no..

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    I like your work man, you're a true maker and this project requires a wide set of skills, which you have. But at the end, it sounds very bad. I think there's not enough space inside for a setup of 3 woofers... One would have worked far way better I guess. Great job indeed!

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    Pretty expensive DIY but it looks great!

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    The passive radiator speakers were probably taken from a JBL speaker.

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    How much?

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    Sorry i don't make for sale. You can buy materials in description of video to build one. Thank you!

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    Potentiometer extension cord

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    Link to buy it here:

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    can i borrow all your wood working tools please? I would be in HEAVEN with all the stuff i could create

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    Make a speaker multifunction . Bluetooth, karaoke or instrument , with output record jack connector

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    An amazing build! Jaw dropping. Well done and thank you!!! 👏

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    Amazing build, was wondering if instead of the 3rd passive radiator, a bass tube or bass port could have created more bass? Not an expert but maybe thought for experimentation, what do you know about this? Thanks!

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    34:54 can u tell me this song please 🥺

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    I'm sorry! I don't make for sale. You can buy materials in description of video to build one. Thank you and good luck!

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    I'm sorry! I don't make for sale. You can buy materials in description of video to build one. Thank you and good luck!

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    Very Very Nicely Done And Guidance Also



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    @King Minhvuong okay thanks. In the link From amplifire is missing a data sheet. Input 12 to 36 volts?!

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    Yes. Please check diagram connection in video.Thank you!

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    i put two 6" JBL car speakers, a 10" 350w sub, a car stereo, a very compact amp for the sub, in a box not much bigger than that, a bit deeper (def way heavier), each speaker isolated from the other of course, no batteries though, it has a 50A 12v power supply usually used for LED lighting, no noise whatsoever (i tried a 12v 6a power brick but it didn't have near enough power) one 1.5" port hole for each 6" speaker, two for the sub (each using a pvc pipe, the sub ones are longer) i'm underusing the power of the speakers i got, but that's as loud as i can get in such a small box and without messing with electronics, just wires it's not water resistant but it's definitely sun proof lol, it can handle direct sunlight all day, car speakers are tough

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