Ferrari đã hoàn thành sơn đỏ | The simple homemade Ferrari finished in red


I am a super car enthusiast, and especially ferrari, but I cannot own it so I created a ferrari. 488 gtb for passion
The process of homemade a ferrari in 60 days
Homemade Ferrari.DIY Ferrari super car
My low cost self-made ferrari
self-made ferrari tributo
تصنيع المركبة
.fabrikation af køretøjer
.изготовление транспортных средств
. การ ผลิต ยาน พาหนะ
차량 제작
.currus, cymbia
.fabricação de veículos
ການ ປະ ດິດ ພາ ຫະ ນະ
.fabrikasi kendaraan
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instructions for manufacturing and customizing large displacement motorcycles
# Diy # supercar
Homemade Ferrari.DIY Ferrari super car
My low cost self-made ferrari
🔰Facebook of yourself: nhetdaicaytber
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instructions for manufacturing and customizing large displacement motorcycles
# Diy # supercar


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    Which material is used for Car Decc

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    Hi Im a Filipino and an RC enthusiast for over 20 years. I just wanted to prove that Filipino's can build RC's too! I built it from everyday scrap parts. Things you would throw away without a care. I repurposed them to make what I call now the PGEX-1. If you like my efforts, please LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Watch this @F268

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    Wrong model. Should have made the 355 or 430. That model isn't iconic.

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    ഇവന്മാർ[ചൈന] ഇതിലും ഡ്യുപ്ലികേറ്റ് ഇണ്ടാക്കി. Made in china😅

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    Wowww so cool nice keep it up

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    Enzo Ferrari sarebbe stato orgoglioso di voi! Bravi veramente!

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    Imagine the amazing shit these guys can create if they had an official shop. Great work!

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    Nice build!! But you need a bigger engine! You would like to see my homemade 1/5 49cc RC buggy!

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    Lol the guy played a plane music video when he is building a car

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    Which material is used for Car Decc

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    i should select you what else you can built metal graphic metal sort out raw material chemistry or you can or moulding machinary work you can do wait if can still try to shares you register built GPRS car traffic signal kit road signal car seat talk traffic mein MD controll built car traffic signal GPRS device 1: route direction signal 2: weather 3: time clock 4: or car tent rectangle human you carry tent ok by duke court

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    Do not use glue with naked hand.

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    Tuổi trẻ tài cao đúng là tuổi trẻ tài cao mọi người ạ . Quá giỏi quá đỉnh luôn nhưng lúc nào các em cũng phải chú tâm đến khâu an toàn lao động , an toàn cho cộng đồng , người thân và chính các em khi vận hành nữa nhé . Cố lên và hãy phát huy hết khả năng của mình các em nhé . Chúc các em thành công thành công đại thành công . OK .

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    Ferrari: wait, that's illeg- Nothing can be illegal :) Good job guys, very nice car. I think its a better way to use a 1500cc 4 stroke engine from a honda or a volvo

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    Anyone who doesn't like this must have covid test done. Coz, there's something wrong with the taste. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Well done! 😮🙏🇳🇵

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