Three Years of Primitive Skills at the Hut (The last video)

In August of 2017 I made my first adobe brick. A few months later I had made at least 170 adobe bricks and used them to construct a strong adobe hut with a thatched roof. During the following three years I worked on many bushcraft projects to improve the quality of life at the adobe hut while exploring survival skills of native peoples.

This is the final video featuring this adobe hut. It is a compilation of almost ever project that I filmed at the hut. While this chapter of the adventure ends, I am embarking on a new adventure and I invite you to follow along this exciting journey as I seek to establish a new and better settlement in a different location. I just want to say THANK YOU for these amazing three years. It has been an immense blessing!

Fine Art by me:

Protect your feet while allowing them to be free with my two favorite sandals:
Luna Sandals are the original sandals that I've worn on my adventures:

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    Almost 2 million subscribers! I want to thank you all so much!! Casi 2 millones de suscriptores! Quiero agradecerles a todos ustedes!

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    I wish I was you , greetings from Stuttgart Germany . May god be with you always

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    @Jon Patrick it was just very distracting and I couldn’t focus because of it :,P

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    make a very large freshwater well, also get rain in the water

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    how did you cut your fingernails?

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    @ًSomething with Bungalow I loved the beat. Primal ;) 👍

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    Extreme downshifting by Patrick Swayze

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    This video is false because otherwise, how do you upload the videos?

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    Konan Exiles real life adventure! :D

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    POV: mommy what is daddy doing in the backyard? Mom: it started with Tarzan…..he’s going through an identity crisis love, let him have his space.

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    почему без маски.? =В

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    dude already named chad. i rest my case

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    Where does he get the bricks from

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    he must have a sharp rock, cause his facial hair didn't grow after 3 years.

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    But can you swing from tree to tree? Jk this is amazing!!

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    But what would you do without clay?

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    I'm a fitness enthusiast. His figure is still so good for three years. How on earth did he do it?

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    лайк с тех кто просто смотрит комменты, и нифига не понимает

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    imagine seeing a hut and this guy grilling fish in your backyard after not cleaning it for 3 years...

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    Is he preparing to fight with Predator?

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    Yes, his name's Chad

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    Amazing project! What a rich experience it must have been! You're not afraid to try new things, and at least I think you did some amazing things! Thank you for this video production! One thing that's funny though, is how most people imagine all of human society looked like this at some point. While some people certainly did live like this, human society has always been a mix between more "sophisticated" and more primitive communities. The mainstream paradigm of a "stone age", "bronze age" and "iron age" doesn't actually hold up to evidence. Honestly, it doesn't even make sense. It's not like all of human society just upgraded to iron at some point. _Some_ where using iron, while _others_ where using copper, bronze, flint or whatever they could get their hands on. Certainly, warfare has dictated what particular _metals_ have been the most widely used, but it's always been a mix. There are primitive societies living like this even today, and there's nothing wrong with that. They seem to enjoy that way of life. It's not like "civilization" and "development" are just an improvement across the board. It has brought many bad things as well. The more "primitive" societies have often resisted change because of they realized that some things would be changed for the worse, like there's always a catch, despite what may be good about a particular change. The good doesn't always outweigh the bad. I believe people who are all about "change", "civilization" and "development" need to spend time with simpler communities to learn some basic things about what it means to be human.

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    اشكم عربي موجود هنا 😂🌹

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    good for watching history in real life.

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  • Lonely
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    Ci credo poco che ti basta mezza bistecca per stare bene

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    I was going to buy the Luna sandals, but for the same price I'm building an adobe and straw resort for my dog ​​and I have saved money. Thanks for the lesson.

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    When he comes back out to society: So here's what happened in 2020. Him: bullshit, no way any of that happened.

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    Amazing, he managed to stay jacked through this entire 3 years eating grubs and berries and other things found in the wilderness, perhaps he managed to take down a bear to eat.

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    Many people have no idea how to even do stuff like this anymore so tell me, isn't it conceivable that what we call primitive, is actually not as "primitive" as we think? Anyways the "primitive wine" part cracks me up 'cause wine is still just fermented grapes. That dog is just like, "I love it when you play cave man dad".

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